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Lighting Up with Dutch Design – Stef van der Bijl

With the dark days of winter creeping up on us, it’s a good time to show you some of the creative Dutch light fixture designs as seen at the Woonbeurs 2013 show in Amsterdam. Today’s post, the first of three, introduces you to the work of Stef van der Bijl.Stef van der Bilj Chickmaster Flashdrill LampFormerly a discarded vintage drill, the desk lamp shown above is from Stef van der Bijl’s “Chickmaster Flashdrill” series. The drill’s original on/off switch is still functional. It controls the light bulb. I think that the lamp’s unexpected context, sleek shape and polished surface would add industrial chic to both contemporary and traditional interiors. Stef van der Bilj Squirtmaster LampCan you guess what the light featured above used to be? The name of the design series provides a clue. It’s from the “The Squirtmaster” series. The designer created it using refurbished antique fire engine parts. A copper fire-hose nozzle holds the tube lamp and the fire-hose wheel acts a dimmer switch. The lamp is both functional and a conversation piece.

Stef van der Bijl’s inventiveness includes more than lights. For his “The Time Traveller’s Watch” collection, he creates watches from old camera parts, Steampunk style. He once turned a rusty Art Deco stove into a smart storage cabinet and even converted a 1967 Volkswagen T1 van into a travelling beverage bar and DJ booth. He also designs entire living and work spaces. You can see more of Stef van der Bijl’s work, including his own studio/home loft, on his website.

What I like most about Stef van der Bijl’s creations is that they are unique, handmade and support sustainable product design. As such, they are excellent examples of the new definition of “luxury” that is prevalent in Dutch Design today.