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Lighting Up with Dutch Design – Sander Mulder

Being somewhat focused when I’m working at my desk (and perhaps a smidgen lazy), as the day approaches dusk, I find it annoying to have to get up, walk across the room, and turn on the overhead light. If I had one of Sander Mulder’s Cyclops pendant lamps in my office, then I could simply reach up, give the “eye” a little upwards flick, and light up the room.

Cyclops Light Sander MulderThe Cyclops Pendant Lamp is another light fixture design that caught my attention at the Woonbeurs 2013 show in Amsterdam (in an earlier post, I showed some of Stef van der Bujl’s unique creations). The lamp is an environmentally friendly 39 watt LED.  While minimalistic, the fixture is available in several standard anodized finishes as well as custom RAL colours. It’s also possible to order custom cable colours.

My “annoyance” at having to get up to turn on an overhead lamp is not the problem Sander Mulder set out to address with his Cyclops lamp. He conceived the innovative design as a solution for impractically placed light switches. Through the form of the lamp, aided by technology, a light switch becomes unnecessary. Push the “eye” upwards and the lamp turns on, pull it downwards and it switches off. For me, the beauty of the design is the surprise of realizing what’s not there.