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Holding on to Summer with Les Toiles du Soleil

I’ve had this magazine page in my “inspiration” file for years. The sunset, ocean, colours and stripes are quite appealing to me. Even on the cloudiest of winter days, I can feel the sun when I look at the picture (very happy it’s still summer though).

Tear SheetSo, when I passed by Carnet de Voyage, a shop in Arles, I almost jumped for joy. Their window displays were full of totes, beach chairs, kitchen towels and rolls of fabric similar to the striped fabrics on my tear sheet.

Colourful Stripes

The fabric that I had for so long admired, but never found anywhere until that day, is made by a company called Les Toiles du Soleil. In English, the company name translates to Canvases of the Sun. Quite fitting I think.


The colourways make me think of summer and southern France.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Avignon Photo: val'sphotos

Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Avignon Photo: val’sphotos


Nice’s Lamp Photo: Natalia Romay

The heavy 100% cotton canvas is available in a number of widths, making it suitable for many decor applications.


Fabrics Swatches Photos: Knoxville Museum of Art


La Fenêtre Provençale (Roussillon) Photo: Vincent Brassinne


Photo: Pinterest


Photo: via Pinterest

Ideal for using in a child’s room.

Or, for lampshades.


Purple Fields, St-Julien Photo: marcovdz


Cassis Winter Photo: marcovdz

And when your memories of summer have faded in January, then perhaps a trip to the Carribean will be in order. At Hotel d’Toiny, a Chateux and Relais hotel located in Saint Barthélemy, you can enjoy the sun and a suite decorated with Les Toiles du Soleil fabrics.

And if not…