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Amsterdam in Red, White, Blue and Fuchsia

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” -Pablo Picasso

I’ve been an avid blog reader for years and a novice blogger for two months. The event that prompted me to leap into the world of blogging took place in Amsterdam two weeks ago.Amsterdam Boat named Amsterdam Back in July, I read a post by Victoria Smith, the editor of sfgirlbybay, about an interiors and lifestyle blogger event she would be speaking at in Amsterdam. Wow, I said to myself, I should sign-up. Amsterdam is relatively close by. It would be a great opportunity to hear Victoria Smith in person and visit a cool city. After all, I had been thinking about starting a blog. The event would be a chance to meet and learn firsthand about blogging from talented bloggers. Plus, Tricia Guild, the founder of Designers Guild would be presenting her soon-to-be-released book “Colour Deconstructed” (I’m a colour junkie, the least evil of my addictions). Within minutes of reading the post, I purchased my ticket to Meet the Blogger Amsterdam.

A few days later, I learned that I actually needed to have an active blog to attend. After experiencing a deer-in-the-headlights moment (okay, week), I got to work creating this blog. It’s been (and still is) a steep, but rewarding, learning curve. Having worked in a very left-brained career for years, this blog is definitely exercising my right-side. In my quest to learn, I’m now reading many more blogs and am “meeting” many talented people from around the world. My appreciation of blogs and the bloggers who write them has increased tremendously. I’m shifting from being a passive reader to an active one. The 2.5 month countdown to the conference passed in a flash.

I arrived in Amsterdam a day ahead of the conference to do some sightseeing and gather content to share with you on the blog. Thankfully, at the last-minute, my husband’s schedule allowed him to join me. His photos are far superior to mine and often capture the quirky-side-of-life. We spent a beautiful autumn Sunday walking, walking, and walking about the city. My advice to you if you visit Amsterdam: rent a bike, your legs will appreciate it the next day.

Below are some red, white, blue and fuchsia themed photos that we took. One charming custom that we noticed – as the sun starts to set, people (and their pets) get together and cruise around the canals while nibbling on appetizers and enjoying a glass of wijn. It reminded me of the after-work sailing I did when living in Toronto. The workday stress quickly vanished once we were out on the lake. Proost!Amsterdam Canal Boat Wine Dog Golden HourAmsterdam Canal Boat Golden Hour Amsterdam Selwyn SenatoriAmsterdam Berries and Red DoorsAmsterdam Red ShuttersAmsterdam Locks on Bridge Amsterdam 1904 BuildingAmsterdam Fuchsia BikesAmsterdam Brains Travel on Bikes Amsterdam is a great city to visit and per the people whom I met, a great one to live in too (not packing just yet, however, I did mention my nomad reputation earlier). It’s beautiful, creative and lively. Everyone was easy-going, warm and welcoming.

p.s. When reading up on Amsterdam, I came across a humorous blog about Dutch culture and an interesting fact about The Netherlands’ national flag. The flag colours were once orange, white and blue. Check out the blog post noted below for the story.