Sara on Ebenalp - photo by Jorg Albrecht 640x1035 100 res“Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.” -Rumi

What do the words “beauty” and “home”  signify? As my life experiences broaden, so do my interpretations of these words.

Once upon a time, I completed a “practical” degree in Economics and Business with a focus on International Political Economy. It was an exciting time in the world; iron curtains opened and walls came down. Then, for over 15 hectic years, I enjoyed my career in corporate finance. One that took me from Toronto, Canada, to the mid-western United States and then to Switzerland.

Along the way, I squeezed in a few vacations, began to sail, visited galleries and studios, took upholstery and cooking classes, and started to collect antique and vintage textiles. In August 2013, I decided to take a break from corporate life to experience more of the world.

Join me as I venture here and there, researching, learning and sharing what I come across with you. Let’s discover the world’s beauty and bring a little of it home.