A Swiss Spring Day

Sunshine, good company and the sweet smell of a freshly mowed pasture – my idea of the perfect ingredients for a leisurely Sunday hike (or wanderung in German). Plus, a great opportunity to capture the essence of a Swiss spring day for this week’s photo challenge.Hello photo Jorg Albrecht
Hello, spring! Hello, world!
Along the Path photo Jorg Albrecht
Fabulous hiking trails, like dark chocolate and flavourful cheese, are everywhere in Switzerland. According to one website, the distance covered by hiking trails is almost as great as that covered by roads (60,000 vs 72,000 kilometres). The trails run across farm fields, through orchards and parkland, and up, down, around and even through the Alps.
Apple Orchard photo Jorg Albrecht
Apple Blossoms photo Sara Lynne Moffatt
Peaking over the Fence at the Cloister photo Jorg Albrecht
Our afternoon hike took us past the Kloster Notkersegg. The monastery, nestled in the hills above the city of St. Gallen, dates back to 1381. The building we see today was completed in 1720.
Fields and a Stone Fence photo Sara Lynne Moffatt
Through the Gate photo Sara Lynne Moffatt
Along the Wall photo Jorg Albrecht
Classic Swiss Farmhouse and Barn photo Sara Lynne Moffatt
The picturesque countryside is dotted with impeccable housebarns…
Spring Chicken photo Jorg Albrecht
…and inquisitive farm animals, all meticulously cared for by farming families.

As picture perfect as it appears, Switzerland’s farming community is in a state of decline. Its traditionally small family farms are unable to compete with the global trend towards large-scale corporate farming. Many Swiss farmers rely upon government subsidies, direct payments and protectionist food import regulations to survive. The future of farming in Switzerland is uncertain. Fewer young people consider farming a viable career and Switzerland’s farms are being consolidated or sold for non-agricultural use.
Farmer and Daughter St Gallen Hike photo Sara Lynne Moffatt
A Farmer and his Daughter photo Sara Lynne Moffatt
On a day as beautiful as this one, the wise words of the Persian philosopher, mathematician and poet Omar Khayyam come to mind, “My friend, let’s not think of tomorrow, but let’s enjoy this fleeting moment of life.”

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Photography by: Jörg Albrecht (1-3, 5, 8, 10 ) and Sara Lynne Moffatt (4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12) .

4 thoughts on “A Swiss Spring Day

  1. Lynne Ayers

    Brought back memories – my first pass through Switzerland provided the experience of meadows like this and we woke in our tent to the sound of cow bells.

    1. Sara Lynne Moffatt Post author

      Hopefully nice memories. While I’d likely be startled if awakening to the sound of cow bells when camping, I find their sound to be surprisingly soothing.

      1. Lynne Ayers

        Oh yes, good memories from quite some time ago – we had other interesting awakenings on that trip including a local bus that was trying to manoeuver around us when the driver found us camped in his turn around 😉

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