Maria-Christine Vargas: Atelier Galerie in Arles

One of my great pleasures when travelling is checking out the local art scene. When visiting Arles, my girlfriend and I stopped in at the trés petit atelier et galerie of artist Maria-Christine Vargas.

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The whimsical painting in the shown in the photo above was the first to catch my eye as we walked into the gallery. We spent quite a bit of time speaking with Ms. Vargas, admiring her work and watching her create a new piece.

“I work in a playful way, pasting paper and materials of different colours and textures; this approach facilitates the creation because it allows me to compose, scratch, to flatten and leave fingerprints or not.” -Marie-Christine Vargas

She studied art in Aix, Marseille, and Sète, France. Her background includes theater set design. In 2006, she opened the gallery and studio in Arles at 22 rue Porte de Laure, a few minutes walk from the Ampitheatre. From March through October, you’ll find her there, creating contemporary works on canvas, paper and art board. She also carries a limited selection of prints. For contact information and to see additional photos of her artwork, visit her website.

Just when I thought I had narrowed down my intended purchase, I changed my mind once more, and left with the painting that first attracted my attention. It’s full of life and movement, with a dash of cheekiness.

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